High Purity Brazing Alloy Products

Alexy Metals and Wesgo Metals – A Division of Morgan Advanced Materials have recently agreed to a representation agreement and will be supporting customers within the United States and assigned territories.

Wesgo Metals, http://www.morganbrazealloys.com offers the “World’s Best” high-purity brazing alloys in a variety of forms including preforms, paste, wire, and foils. Wesgo is also the world leader in alloy development and technical support in Aerospace, Electronic, Power Generation, Medical, and many applications where hermitically brazed components are necessary.

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Silver Brazing Filler Metals

Alexy metals offers low-temperature alloys to produce very strong, ductile joints that are hermetically sealed.

PURE SILVER (VTG) BAg-0 99.995%
BT BAg-8 72%
560 BAg-7 56%
505 BAg-24 50%
501 BAg-6 50%
495 BAg-22 49%
450 BAg-5 45%
380 BAg-34 38%

* Many additional alloys are available upon request.

Gold Brazing Filler Metals

Alexy metals offers alloys that are vacuum-grade (vtg) primarily used in aero-engine, medical, or extreme conditions where braze integrity is critical. These alloys are brazed in high-purity atmospheres and can be inspected (x-ray) for joint integrity. All alloys are certified with actual chemistries and are formed with vacuum-cast ingots to insure the highest quality.

82% GOLD / 18% NICKEL BVAu-4 4787 82%
70% GOLD / 22% NICKEL / 8% PALLADIUM BVAu-6 4786 70%
50% GOLD / 25% COPPER / 25% NICKEL BVAu-7 4784 50%
37% GOLD / 63% COPPER BVAu-1 37%
35% GOLD / 62% COPPER / 3% NICKEL BVAu-3 35%

* Many additional alloys are available upon request.


  • Fine wires – ranging from 0.001” (0.0254Mm) – .125” (3.175Mm) in diameter
  • Rods – fine wires cute to length ranging 0.02” (0.0508Mm) – up to 7 feet (2.133 Meters)
  • Foil – continuous rolled strip
    • Thickness: 0.0005” (0.0127Mm) – 0.150: (3.81Mm)
    • Width: 0.015” (0.381Mm) – 8” (200mm)
  • Powder – most (if not all) alloys can be provided in powder form.
    • Common mesh sizes: -140, -140c, -325
  • Paste – brazing paste is powder suspended in an organic binder with controlled viscosity (thickness) for both manual and automated applications.
  • Preforms – our brazing filler metals can be made into infinite amounts of preformed shapes and sizes, including but not limited to:
    • Wire rings
    • Stamped washers
    • Shims
    • Micro machined