Refining Form

  • When you have scrap ready for processing you contact Alexy Metals via E-mail or calling with specific information about your materials.
  • Alexy Metals will advise how to ship material via UPS, FedEx, or freight (free shipping on all inbound materials).
  • Once received, Alexy Metals will offer an “Estimate” based on what we believe the value is based on our evaluation using non-destructive testing.
  • The “Estimate” is a guaranteed value and is the minimum amount you will receive (except adjustment in Precious Metal values at time of settlement).
  • Once confirmed and authorized, Alexy Metals will process your materials within 2 weeks unless a slightly longer lead-time was discussed.
  • After 2 weeks, a final settlement will be issued and payment will be made.
  • You can also receive settlement in Bullion or can be converted into a “pool” account and used for future material purchases.